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How do I get into one of these CTL English Language Development Support seminars or Cafés?

Your homepage on the Intranet will list the upcoming seminars and Cafés for the next 10 days. You can click on the link there and sign up. If you wish to know the whole CTL English Language Development Support seminar and Café schedule for the whole semester, please see the calendar.

How can I find out when the workshops are held?

All ELDS co-curricular programming is listed on the intranet. You can also view the events calendar on our homepage. You can also download a schedule of our workshop dates, times and locations from our homepage. For credit courses, visit the UTSC calendar and look under Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Are there any leadership programs offered through the CTL English Language Development Support?

CTL English Language Development Support offers the following volunteer opportunities: 1. The English Language Development Peer Program (CTL English Language Development Support Peer) program has been developed to expand our student support and to encourage peer-to-peer learning and skill development. 2.The Facilitation Training Certificate (FTC) is a volunteer opportunity for highly committed CTL English Language Development Support Peers to further develop their English communication skills and take up a leadership role as peer-facilitators