General Vocabulary

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UTSC Commons

The Globe and Mail



Toronto Star


The New Yorker

The Economist

Arts and Letters Daily

As these sources are aimed at the general reader, the vocabulary and writing style is relatively easy for you to understand. Reading the newspapers daily, for instance, is an excellent way of expanding your general vocabulary.

New Scientist

Science Daily

BBC Science


These links provide interesting insights on the latest developments in science. They are very useful to students in the non-science disciplines as well!

Arts Journal

CBC Arts

The Guardian newspaper

The New York Times: Arts

The New York Times: Theatre

The New York Times: Books

The New York Times: Music

National Gallery of Canada

Getty Museum / Exhibitions

National Gallery Washington

National Gallery London

Metropolitan Museum New York

These sources would be of interest to those who wish to read about the visual arts. They include links to major museums/galleries with regular online exhibitions and digital collections.

National Geographic

At this site you will be amazed at the range of articles that cover diverse issues that affect you directly and indirectly.

How Stuff Works

If you wish to expand your vocabulary on a very wide spectrum of topics, this is the site for you! Information is presented in an easy-to-understand way.

Learn from Nobel Prize winners

The Nobel Laureate lectures provide an eye-opening introduction to the great work of Nobel Laureates. These are lectures given by the Nobel laureates themselves. At the site, just type the name of the Nobel Laureate that you are interested in.


This is a link to the BBC site. You may follow the links on the “Browse” column on a topic of interest to you. For instance, if you choose Learning>Languages>Learning English> News English>Words in the News, you will get to read and hear the news with difficult words explained.