English Language Development Support Consultations

CTL English Language Development Support consultations are friendly, welcoming 30-minute sessions where you can discuss any challenge you face with Academic English needed for your courses and with the English you need to participate effectively in all aspects of your study at UTSC. We’re happy to talk with you about:

  • Customizing the support you need to suit your needs
  • Creating an action plan to perform at your best as soon as possible
  • Helping you develop strategies for:
    • Reading
    • Vocabulary development
    • Mind mapping
    • Better listening skills
    • More effective participation in your classes
  • Demonstrating free software to enhance your learning
  • Referrals to other campus services

Consultations are available to all undergraduate and graduate students


How do I book an CTL English Language Development Support Consultation?

Available upcoming appointments are visible in the right column of this webpage. Click on the appointment time you prefer to book your appointment on the intranet.


Useful tip:

If possible, get your Academic English Health Check (AEHC) done and bring your results to the consultation as it will provide us a better idea of what you need to prioritize in your plan. The AEHC is a short 20-minute test done in the computer lab on the 4th floor of the Bladen Wing.