Academic English Health Check (AEHC)

What is the Academic English Health Check (AEHC)?

It is a quick 20-minute diagnostic instrument that you complete in the computer lab, and is computer-marked. You get your results within an hour through e-mail. Your results are personal to you and do not get associated with your academic record. This is just a service provided to students to know for themselves where they stand and to help direct them to support that will address their needs.


How will the AEHC results be used?

You can use your results to understand more about your own areas of greatest need. Based on your results, you will be offered recommendations of programs on campus that will help you address those needs in the shortest time possible. Your results will NOT exclude you from any ELDC program that you wish to pursue. In fact, if your results strongly recommend that you require a particular program, say the Reading and Writing through Email (RWE) Program, you will be given top priority to get into the program from among applicants in the Fast-track Your Academic Writing Skills Development seminar cohort.


Is there an advantage of taking the AEHC today?

Definitely! The sooner you know what your level is, the sooner you can proactively get help. The ELDC programs, programs that have helped hundreds of students each year develop their skills quickly and achieve good results, have limited spaces, and you will be able to get those spaces if you sign up early enough.


How do I sign up?

Check the schedule on the right hand side of this page and click on a time slot to sign up.