About Us


To help students participate more actively and achieve greater success at university through better critical thinking and English language communication skills.


Our Goals:

  • Help students communicate confidently and effectively for their academic needs
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Enable students to confidently participate in classes, tutorials and campus life
  • Equip students with strategies and tools to participate actively in the academic community
  • Offer leadership opportunities for speakers at all levels of English language proficiency
  • Support students towards quickly improving their language skills 
  • Provide a supportive environment for learning, developing, and connecting 



What is the ELDC?

The English Language Development Centre is an academic success support partner for UTSC students. ELDC works with students to develop their Academic English and communication skills, such as academic writing, academic reading, critical thinking, oral communication, academic vocabulary, listening comprehension, and academic participation strategies.

Where are the ELDC Offices? Where are the workshops held? How do I register?

ELDC Offices are located in AC310 (2 doors away from the bookstore), but ELDC workshops and Cafes are generally held in AC221 or AC219 (2 doors away from the library). The Academic English Health Checks are additionally held in the BV 498 computer lab. Sign up for all sessions on the intranet. Drop-ins welcome if space is available.