Health and Safety

Campus safety and security bulletin board

General Information

General health & safety information, including communication board locations, the University of Toronto's Health & Safety Policy, and more.

Occupational Hygiene & Safety

Occupational hygiene is the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control and prevention of hazards in the workplace.

Students conducting work in a laboratory

Lab Safety

The laboratory is a workplace that contains many potential hazards which may include chemical, biological and physical agents.  The Laboratory Safety Program is intended to assist the University in minimizing risks associated with activities in the laboratory.

Instructional Centre during construction

Contractor Safety

The University only hires competent contractors who have acknowledged that they would follow applicable legislation, guidelines and standards to conduct work safely for the protection of their employees, other contractors and the UTSC community. 

Field Safety

Conducting research or teaching in the field presents risks to those who participate. Find out how to take proactive measures to plan and ensure the safety of all field participants.

Safety bulletin pages

Safety Bulletin

Important EHS notices and communications for the UTSC community.

Hazardous Materials Information

The EHS department works with administrative and academic departments to collect inventory of hazardous materials such as chemical, biological, radiation and designated substances to ensure compliance with EHS legislation and for emergency preparedness.