COVID-19 Updates

Posted November 25, 2022

Here are the recent updates:


General Workplace Guidelines (GWG):

  1. Ch 3, Ventilation, added this paragraph about what standards HVAC systems comply with:


Building HVAC systems would have complied with the applicable Ontario Building Code (OBC) standard during installation based on the building use. After installation, the University’s team of trained licensed engineers operate and maintain the HVAC system so that it is working optimally to provide a safe indoor environment. Examples of regular maintenance are changing air filters at a frequency per manufacturer’s instruction, visual inspections of the ventilation systems including filters multiple times per week, checking to ensure that the filters are sealed (i.e., no gaps), and checking pressure gauges. Current OBC references ASHRAE standard 62.1 for ventilation, which is applied where applicable and appropriate (e.g., renovation projects). In addition, the Tricampus HVAC Strategy was developed based on the recommendations of ASHRAE for the COVID-19 pandemic (ASHRAE Position Document on Infection Aerosols).


Other Updates/Resources

  1. COVID-19 Posters & Resources webpage – title has been changed to COVID-19/Respiratory Virus Posters & Resources to reflect the addition of the Respiratory Virus Season Signage poster last week. The link address stays the same.