Past Events

Students at event.

Washroom Inclusivity Project

The Washroom Inclusivity Project is a unique collaboration of students and staff across equity offices and campus services with the goal of providing clear and updated information about the range of U of T’s current washroom facilities and fostering a safe and inclusive campus community.

Rainbow tie gala banner.

Rainbow Tie Gala - 2017

RainbowRewind: Exploring LGBTQI2S Identities in Canada

As Canada turns 150 in 2017, we reflect on our past, celebrate our advocates and look brightly to forging new paths of inclusion for future generations.

Outside the Box

Outside the Box is a UTSC lunch and conversation series to bring students together every other Wednesday to discuss how we can begin to host open conversations that put the questions and experiences students have around issues of equity, sexuality, gender and culture.

Women's Writing Circle

Women's Writing Circle is a new initiative in partnership with The Writing Centre. The focus is on personal writing and the writing process. Writing prompts and a supportive environment will allow you to reflect, share, and learn. This series provides a safe space for self-identified females centred on unstructured learning and creative writing.

What Makes A Man, UTSC?

“What Makes A Man, UTSC?” seeks to educate students about the diversity of gender identity by challenging traditional ideas of what it means to “be a man”. This campaign resulted from UTSC students’ growing concern about society’s inaccurate and often toxic portrayals of masculinity.

This is Feminism

“This is Feminism” was an educational exhibit that included a game, a series of informational posters and handouts, thought-provoking pictures, and an art display discussing misconceptions and facts about feminism.


Genderpoo was a guided workshop at UTSC led by the artist Coco Riot, named after their ongoing art project which seeks to challenge society’s conceptions of gender.

A Hurdle to Success: Symposium

The second instalment of the Hurdle to Success series – a free full-day symposium bringing together community members, sport professionals and academics to discuss critical issues and the experiences of Indigenous and racialized minority students engaged in post-secondary athletics.