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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

What does the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Office do at UTSC?

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office (EDIO) is a central resource for all UTSC community members (students, staff, and faculty) to provide training, programming, and engagement initiatives related to equity, access, discrimination, and harassment.

With a focus on intentional inclusion, the EDIO promotes equitable and inclusive campus communities, free from discrimination or harassment based on: 

Human Rights Grounds:
Age Creed
Disability Sex
Race Gender Expression
Ancestry Gender Identity
Place of Origin Sexual Orientation
Colour Family Status
Ethnic Origin Marital Status
Citizenship Record of Offences

We build trusting and enduring relationships with our community members to support initiatives that address and remove barriers to access, opportunities, and outcomes, and develop educational resources which inspire continued learning and growth in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion.

How Do We Support?  

We guide and assist students, staff, and faculty in resolving issues that involve equity, discrimination or harassment. As a part of our process, we meet to answer questions, share information about complaints resolution processes, and discuss the most appropriate options with you to work towards resolution. 

Get in touch with the EDIO

  • You need assistance in resolving an issue that involves equity, discrimination or harassment​
  • You would like the EDIO to know about events within the mandate of the office​
  • You want to become more involved in making U of T a more equitable and inclusive space for everyone​
  • You have questions about university policy on equity or diversity issues​
  • Confidentiality​
  • A timely response​ to your inquiry
  • A safe and supportive environment​
  • A respectful and non-judgmental approach to your concerns

The EDIO provides two types of consultations:

Human Rights Consultation: Student, staff or faculty want to have a conversation about potential harassment or discrimination on Human Rights Code Grounds.

EDI Consultation: Connecting with student, staff or faculty on document review or advising departments/campus members on EDI initiatives.