Sylvia Mittler

Sylvia Mittler
Associate Professor
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Prof. Sylvia Mittler is an Associate Professor of French who teaches culturally-oriented courses on folktale and myth as well as reception of cultural identities in la Francophonie, practical language courses including practical translation and interpretation, and French literature courses devoted to French travel literature and children's literature in French as well as humour in contemporary French fiction.

Her areas of research include France and Greece with specific bearing on popular culture, history and memory, discourses of alterity and ethnicity and the use of humour and satire. Her published work ranges in subject from the carnival songs of renaissance Florence (she once also taught Italian at UTSC) to folk traditions in the work of "rustique" author Henri Pourrat to Greek humorist Nikos Tsiforos' popular and "anti-colonial" take on history, ancient Greek mythology, language, and cultural identity in modern Greece.  

Research Interests

Areas of Research: Cultural Studies; Postcolonialism; Nationalism; Memory; Humour studies