French Program Overview

French flag projection on a building in Paris from a bridge over Sena river

The French program includes the following:

  • for practical language students, continuous exercise aimed at cumulative possession of and accuracy in written and spoken French, as well as listening and reading comprehension;
  • for translation students, a related form of practice focused on techniques, strategies, and awareness of structural and socio-cultural differences between French and English;
  • for linguistics students, a firm understanding of French speech sounds, words, sentences, meaning and discourse and their relation to society;
  • for students interested in teaching French, a focus on pedagogical theory and best practice;
  • for literature students, awareness of basic concepts and techniques needed for literary analysis coupled with knowledge of francophone literature in widely different yet interconnected genres, regions, and time periods;
  • for students interested in culture, greater knowledge of diverse yet francophone social, historical, political, moral, intellectual and aesthetic worlds.

Programs in French:

Combined Degree Programs: