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Pre-requisite courses

It is highly recommended that students do not enroll in a course for which they do not have the pre-requisite. Pre-requisite checks can be conducted at any time of the year, and you may be removed from the course at any time. Courses that list a pre-requisite build on the material taught in that particular course, and enrolling in a higher level course without the adequate preparation can jeopardize your success.

French Language Proficiency

  • Please read and complete the French Language Self Assessment to determine which French course you should aim for based on your proficiency
  • Keep in mind that if you enroll in one of these courses and the instructor feels you are unsuitable (not proficient enough or too proficient) they can have you removed and recommend a more suitable course. That is why it is good to consult with the Associate Chair of French to ensure you are enrolling in the suitable course from the beginning
  • Students who are bilingual in French, have advanced proficiency in French, or went to French Immersion School could start at a higher level. To have your proficiency assessed, it would be wise to make an appointment with the Associate Chair of French (please consult the DLS Departmental Website) to discuss

Enrolment in Mandarin Courses

  • All students enrolling in Mandarin courses at UTSC must take the placement survey found at
  • Once you have completed and submitted the survey, a teacher will be prompted to review it. If deemed acceptable for the course, you will have your status changed from INT to APP.

Enrolment in Hindi, Tamil, and Japanese

All students enrolling in Hindi, Tamil, and Japanese at UTSC will be listed as INT (interim). During the first week of class, the instructor(s) will administer a survey/questionnaire, and based off the results, will decide who is suitable for the course, and who isn’t.


  • If a particular course that you want/need to take is full, please add yourselves to the waitlist. If the numbers on the waitlist are high, there is the possibility we can lobby for an additional section of the course to be added, or we can lobby for increasing the enrollment cap.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot allow students to bypass the waitlist. Many students on the waitlist are on there for the same reason(s) that you may be and the waitlist was designed specifically to not show favoritism from one student to another.

Enrolment Controls

A large number of courses offered at UTSC have enrolment controls attached to them. These can be viewed on the Web Timetable (off of the Registrar’s Website) by clicking ‘enrolment control’ if one is listed for the course. Enrolment controls for courses vary. For instance, some courses will allow students in certain programs first preference, or students in certain years of study may be given first preference. It is important to familiarize yourself with any controls surrounding your course of interest. Enrolment controls are eventually lifted (warranting there is no waitlist) after a certain date giving all students the ability to add the course to their timetable.

Taking courses at other campuses

  • If you wish to take a course at another campus and have it count strictly as an elective, then there is no need to seek the permission of your program supervisor. You may enroll in the course as you would normally enroll in a UTSC course on ROSI or Acorn​​​.
  • If you wish to take a course and have it count towards a direct program requirement, then it is best to seek the permission of the program supervisor. Please contact them via email to discuss