Explore Program

The Explore Program

The Explore Program is an intensive five-week French language bursary program which takes place during the spring or summer sessions at various institutions across Canada. It is designed to help you discover another region of Canada, meet new people, and exchange ideas while improving your knowledge of French. It should be noted that knowing French is very beneficial in Canada as it opens up job opportunities that may not be accessible otherwise. For example, several job placements in the Canadian government require knowledge of French and being bilingual is often listed as an asset on job descriptions.

Transfer Credit Eligibility

  1. Apply online to the Explore Program (note the deadlines, which are usually in February).
  2. If you are selected, you must complete and submit the Explore Program acceptance package to the host institution within 2 weeks (10 days) of receiving it from the Explore Program. If you do not respond to the Explore Program acceptance package within this time frame, your spot will be given to someone else on the waitlist.
  3. After you receive notice from the Explore Program of the university to which you have been accepted, apply for a Letter of Permission (LOP) via the online application and remit the appropriate fee. When completing the application, ensure to mention that you are participating in the Explore program. It is also important to read and understand the rules and regulations surrounding LOPs in the UTSC Calendar.
  4. Upon receiving an approved LOP, proceed to register in courses at the host institution – enrol in courses that are at a higher level than the French courses you have already completed. Please save all course material for assessment; this includes course syllabi/outlines and coursework.
  5. Once you have completed the program/courses at the host institution, request an official, final transcript to be sent directly to Admissions and Student Recruitment.
  6. When your final transcript arrives at Admissions and Student Recruitment, you will be instructed to meet with Professor Jeri English, Supervisor of Study Elsewhere for French (MW336, jeri.english@utoronto.ca) to determine the appropriate transfer credits.