English/Chinese Translation

Chinese language characters on blackboard

The ECT minor program is designed for students, fluent in both English and Chinese, who are interested in English to Chinese translation. It will equip students with the fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in this profession. Students must complete a total of 4.0 credits: 3 ECT courses, 2 out of 4 LGG Chinese courses, and 3 LIN courses.

Visit https://utsc.calendar.utoronto.ca/minor-program-english-and-chinese-translation-arts

ECT is now an unlimited minor program (SCMIN0180), meaning you can add it on ACORN at any time. However, as all ECT program required courses are in very high demand, to join the program early is to your advantage. 

To do ECT well, you must have an excellent command of English, the source language, in addition to Chinese. Everyone is encouraged to have successfully completed the two UTSC courses offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning. They are value added!
You are also very much encouraged to take the Academic English Health Check (AEHC) and participate in the activities run by the English Language Development Centre, such as:
  • Reading and Writing Excellence (RWE) Program
  • Communication Cafés and Discussion Skills
  • English Language Development Consultations

Visit http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/eld and click Student Support and Online Resources.