Tumaini in Tanzania


Hi, my name is Tumaini, I'm 22, and I am embarking on the biggest adventure of my life - so far - this summer. My official title is a 'Women's Economic Empowerment Officer' and I will be working alongside Green Hope, a civil society organization committed to the needs the most vulnerable members of society, to provide support, outreach, and capacity building. I'm very excited to be going to Tanzania, largely because I am Tanzanian. Born-and-raised in the City of Toronto - to a family of immigrants - the phrase "this Canadian kid" was often used to describe the actions and ideals that appeared to be foreign to my family. While on this trip I'm eager to perfect my Swahili and learn and live my culture through this immersive experience - and of course - to work in a setting where I can experience the realities of a development practitioner.