Ting-Yi (Elisa) in India

Ting Yi

Hi there, I am Ting-Yi; most of the time I also go by the name "Elisa." My coop placement will be a twelve month long internship with the Centre for Internet and Society in Bangalore, India. My role will be to assist an Access to Knowledge project funded by the Wikimedia Foundation to narrow the gender gap of online knowledge creating (such as on Wikipedia) in India. (Do you know data from 2011 showed that female's contribution to Wikipedia (worldwide) is less than 10%?) I will be holding workshops in various cities to reach more female participants and to assess the sustainability and effectiveness of such campaign approaches. My goal, personally, is to gain action research skills and to understand the systematical challenges faced by female participants and scholars in India. In a broader sense, I hope to contribute more data and awareness to the local organizations and societies. Although I am still in the early stage of my research, I think my research topic will be closely related to my work content on gender (in)equality, digital divide, and the online participation trend in the Global South.