From Students, to Students

Oxfam UTSC students at one of their events

This section is a resource to the under-years, providing hints and tips on how best to navigate their five (or more) years at UTSC. 

Because who knows better how to navigate IDS co-op at UTSC than upper-year IDS co-op students? 

This section contains the following subsections:

  1. Additional Subject Posts: a guide to other majors to combine with your IDS specialist
  2. Course Selection: help with prerequisites, choosing courses, and getting your degree done
  3. Time Management and Stress: dealing with work and study can be challenging, stay on top of things and stay sane with these tips
  4. Getting Good Grades: university is not a walk in the park – these tips will help you succeed
  5. How to Write An Essay: tips and suggestions on how to write an A+ paper
  6. (Digital) Tools of the trade: a listing of computer programs that no IDSer should be without

Photo above: Oxfam Exec team 2015-2016

Sections 1 through 5 were contributed by Raly Chakarova section 6 by Conor Anderson.