Roshan in Guyana

Hey guys (and gals), 

Some of you may or may not have heard but I'm off to Guyana. It's part of my Co-op placement for school as an International Development Studies Specialist (IDS) student (it's a mouthful) and it's going to be simply brilliant I think. 

I'm going to be working with an NGO that involves itself with education, youth development, and job opportunities. 

Totally my skill set? 

Maybe not. But I'm willing to learn and youth development has been something (everything) I've involved myself with since day 1 of...involvement. So it's looking good. 

I'm also going to be doing an undergraduate thesis for school on Education and Crime rates in Guyana and whether there are correlations. Also how people in the Guyanese population from different walks of life feel about those trends. If they exist. So just splendid. 

Apart from all the work (that I'm looking forward to more and more) I could go on and on about the culture I'll be immersed in, the sweltering weather (with bouts of thunderstorms), sketching, musicking (made-up word), exercising (it doesn't stop), and inevitably great people waiting to be met...but that's for another post. 

Till the next time. Stay cool friends.