Mira Hennawy in Ghana

Mira Hennawy

Hello! My name is Mira Hennawy and I am ecstatic to be embarking on a ten-month internship to Tamale, Ghana. Africa is my home and I am eager to explore more of its diversity, art and cultural richness. Tamale is one of its fastest-growing cities and I want to contribute to its growth and prosperity during my short time there.

I will be working with the World Service of Canada (WUSC), as well as the local organization, Regional Advisory Information and Network System (RAINS), as a Youth and Communications Officer. My primary role will be to review and update the RAINS youth communication strategy and systems. Additionally, I will be supporting the implementation of youth communication strategies and the development of youth inclusive programs.

I am grateful to be a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship (QES), which has made this opportunity possible.

I will be sharing my journey on Instagram (@mirahennawyinghana) so follow along to stay updated on my experiences in Tamale!