Luke in Botswana

Hi everyone! 

My name is Luke Yang, I am an international development studies student and the University of Toronto at Scarborough, who has just completed my third year of studies, and I will be heading to Gaborone, Botswana starting in May! I will be working with the Baylor Children’s Clinical Center of Excellence for 8 months, as a member of their Teens Club program, and I look forward to this exciting new stage of life! 

My ultimate passion is to see the children and the youth of the world receive the adequate amount of care and support that they need in every aspect, to facilitate their development into excellent members and leaders that will uphold the future of our society. To that end, I’ve worked every summer for the past few years as a summer camp counselor, and have gained a repertoire of skills related to working towards the development of this age group. In the same light, I believe that this opportunity with Baylor will be a fantastic fit for me, where I can offer to them the assets I have, and develop relevant and critical skills that are necessary to work within a cross-cultural context. 

I wish that I am able to put in my own little bit of contribution into the existing program, and hopefully make a meaningful impact through my stay there, and I can’t wait to get to be familiar with the context I’m working with, and acting towards fulfilling their need in whatever way I am able to offer. To that goal, it is important for me to remain humble, persevering, and I believe that through hard work and teamwork there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!