Leilah in India

Leilah Elmokadem

Hey! My name is Leilah Elmokadem and I'm one of the three IDS students placed in India this year!

Starting in September, I will be interning for 8 months with The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) in Bangalore, India. I will be working on the organization's Privacy-SCRIPT project and broadly under their Internet Governance portfolio. My work will include writing blogs, carrying out research, editing documents, conducting interviews, collecting and synthesizing information, communicating and coordinating with stakeholders, organizing workshops and other work that the project might require during the duration of my placement.

For my independent research, I plan to study the socio cultural factors that shape the flows of internal migration from rural to urban India. A possible idea for my research is to explore the social, cultural and political struggles faced by low income individuals seeking livelihoods in urbanizing cities.

During my placement, I hope to meet new people and face the challenges that can provide me with valuable insight and enriching learning opportunities. I hope to contribute to the organization's work with my own curiosities, questions and perspectives while still constantly acquiring new skills, gaining perspective and discovering new passions. I would love to travel internally, make new friends and explore other parts of the country  when the opportunities arise.