Judith Teichman

Judith Teichman
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Judith Teichman is Professor of Global Development Studies and Political Science.  She is the author of six books and more than 50 articles on the politics of development and development policy in Latin America and the Global South. Her work has appeared in such journals as World Development, Studies in Comparative International Development, and Global Governance. She served on the executive of University of Toronto’s Faculty Association and wrote the first UTFA Information report on faculty equity issues at the University of Toronto . She was a member  of the Academic Advisory Council on International Trade, which reported directly to the deputy minister for international trade on issues such as human rights.  She currently serves on the Royal Society of Canada International Committee, a body that provides policy recommendations to the G7 and the G20.

Twitter @judith_teichman


PhD, University of Toronto

Teaching Interests

Populism in the Global South, the politics of inequality and poverty reduction in the Global South and Latin America, the role of the state and policy in  human development in the Global South.  

Research Interests

Professor Teichman’s research focuses on issues of poverty and distribution in Latin America and the Global South, with particular attention to economic and social policy. She has carried out research on the role of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in market reform and social policy in Latin America. Her comparative work has involved  Latin America (Chile and Mexico) and Asia (South Korea and Indonesia), with attention to the politics of inclusive development. She has also written on the topic of inequality and violence in Mexico and most recently on Latin American left populism (Peronism and Chavismo) as movements for social and racial inclusion. 

Awards and Grants

Elected to the Royal Society of Canada, 2014; Consultant to the US Library of Congress on the political economy of Mexico; two-time winner of Connaught Research Fellowships; recipient of numerous SSHRC grants.   


  • “Exploring the origins of polarizing populism: Insights from the Peronist struggle over rights,” (forthcoming),  European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies Revista Europea de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe, No. 114 (2022): July-December
  • “Class and Race in Latin America’s Left Populist Politics” (forthcoming in print 2023).  Race and Class. Published online, July 2022. https://doi.org/10.1177/03063968221103073   
  • “The Washington Consensus in Latin America.” In Harry E. Vanden and Gary Prevost, eds. Oxford Encyclopedia of Latin American Politics, Oxford University Press, 2019.   
  • “Inequality in Twentieth Century Latin America: Path Dependence, Counter-movements, and Reactive Sequences.” Social Science History. Vol 4, No. 1, 2019: 131-157 
  • The Politics of Inclusive Development, Policy, State Capacity, and Coalition Building. Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, 250 pp