Gigi in Malawi

Gigi Chang

Hi everyone! My name is Gigi Chang and I just completed my third year of studies in Public Policy and Anthropology. I am extremely excitied to embark on this new journey with Uniterra, and the partner organization, Girls Empowerment Network Malawi as a Social Marketing Officer. GENET is a grassroots organzation that focuses on justice for youth and girls. I am passionate about preventing and seeking justice for violence against women, both physical and structural, so this is an incredible opportunity to work first hand with people that do this as a living. 

I look forward to engaging in inter-cultural conversation with my future colleagues and friends in Malawi. Through living and working within diverse cultures, understanding and acceptance can be fostered. From a global perspective, a policy perspective, an anthropology perspective, and a human perspective, this is an opportunity of  a lifetime to learn, grow, and experience. Upon return, I hope to engage further with the community here in Toronto, using the skills and knowledge and empathy that I am sure to gain in abundance with GENET Malawi.