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Critical Hope Lecture 2020 - Dr. Nísia Lima

Critical Hope Lecture 2020 - No one left behind? Inequalities and Challenges for the Sustainable Development Agenda

Since the original formulation of the concept of sustainable development at the UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm (1972), critics have noted several important obstacles to its implementation: poverty, inequality, and predatory patterns of consumption of natural resources.

The lecture will begin by discussing the contributions to this debate of key Brazilian thinkers, including the economist Celso Furtado and the physician and geographer Josué de Castro. Then Dr. Lima will critically examine major contemporary challenges relating to the environment-- namely demographic, scientific, and technological changes, and their implications for work, health, and social relations. These issues will be linked to a central theme for the development agenda: the increase of social inequalities both within and between nation states.

Watch the lecture here: