Class of 2000 - 2009

Sangita Patel

Sangita Patel (Class of 2003): Working at the grassroots

Reflecting on her time in the co-op program, Patel says, “It gave me the ability to ask really good questions.” Her questions don’t always reveal the truth, but she also developed the tools to deal with that: “What I gained was a willingness to engage with something that’s not black and white. I learned how to negotiate the greyness of this sector.” 

Stephanie Bouris

Stephanie Bouris (Class of 2004): Healthy Communities

In communities disrupted by conflict, oppression and disaster, ensuring health and wellbeing is a major challenge. Stephanie Bouris, an IDS Co-op alumna, has found her niche in researching and promoting health in transitory communities around the world.


Heather Marshall (Class of 2006): Garbage is Political

Marshall’s IDS co-op placement took her to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where she coordinated a waste management research project. The study investigated the informal economy of waste pickers, waste reduction, health and safety, smart resource use, and human rights. 

Gilles-Phillippe Page

Gilles-Philippe Pagé (Class of 2006): Human Rights Defender

“The IDS program gave me the interest in human rights. It allowed me to spend time with people who had experienced armed conflict. It triggered an interest in understanding that dynamic more, so that I could participate in preventing and responding to those issues”

Matthew Cimone

Matthew Cimone (Class of 2006): Global Connections

For Matthew Cimone, at the heart of international development is connection. He has always dreamed of bringing the unknown closer, starting with his childhood ambition of becoming an astronaut. When his vision prevented him from reaching space, the IDS co-op program presented another opportunity to bring the world closer.


Kate Jongbloed (Class of 2008): Writing on Global Health

A Master’s student at the University of British Columbia School of Population and Public Health, Jongbloed's research focuses on harm reduction, housing stability and HIV vulnerability among young Aboriginal people who use drugs.