Career Pathways for International Development Studies

Are you a student or a recent graduate student of International Development Studies and worried about the types of jobs that you'll be able to find? Are you wondering what you can do NOW to increase your skills for future employment? If yes, watch this two minute video below to discover more about the IDS field!

This video is based on research data derived from a two-year study that was funded by the IDRC and led by Professors John Cameron and Rebecca Tiessen through the CASID/CCUPIDS network. This is the first study within Canada that offer insights into career paths and employment outcomes of IDS graduates. A total of 1901 responses were collected from IDS graduates of 14 universities and colleges including the University of Toronto. From these response, Professors John Cameron and Rebecca Tiessen and their research assistants examined possible correlations between specific features of a graduate’s education and the subsequent employment experiences. For information on their research findings, please visit

CCDS has also conducted our own research on career pathways of our UTSC CCDS alumni. The report presents the findings gathered through focus group discussions and electronic surveys with our IDS alumni. Click here to read the report.