Ahmed Ilmi

Ahmed Ilmi
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Building HL 414

Ahmed Ilmi is an interdisciplinary Black Studies/African studies scholar whose work focuses on cultural, identity, and diasporic politics and the intersections of Blackness and Africa. He has a Ph.D. in sociology with specialization in social movements and social justice education. Dr. Ilmi’s research interests include African Indigenous cultural knowledges, spirituality, diaspora and transnational Islamic identities, critical development studies, and the ethics of community research. He has published widely on African philosophy, Indigenous knowledges, spirituality, gender, development, identity politics, and colonial education.


Ph.D. University of Toronto  
M.A.  University of Toronto  

Teaching Interests

  • African studies & critical development studies
  • Indigenous Knowledges and Spirituality  
  • Black identity politics and decolonial resistance  
  • Colonial education

Research Interests

Diasporic identities and transnationalism, spirituality, Indigenous knowledges, Black youth, and colonial education