Tammara Soma

Tammara Soma

Department of Geography and Planning


Tammara Soma (Ph.D Planning candidate) and Pierre Elliott Trudeau Doctoral
Scholar investigates the factors that influence urban household food
consumption and food wasting practices in Indonesia. She strives to make
food system consideration (including sustainable food production,
distribution, consumption and the management of food waste) essential to
urban planning decision making.

Awards and Grants: 

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Doctoral Scholar

Joseph Armand Bombardier Scholar


Soma, T (2017) Gifting, ridding and the “everyday mundane”: the role of
class and privilege in food waste generation in Indonesia, *Local
Environment*: http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/vXIvxmsYGEN6eDWXE3jR/full

Soma, T (2017). Wasted Infrastructures: Urbanization, Distancing and Food
Waste in Bogor, Indonesia
, *Built Environment*, 43(3): 431-446

Soma, T and Wakefield, S. (2011). The Emerging Role of a Food System
Planner: Integrating Food System Consideration into Planning, Journal of
Agriculture Food Systems and Community Development, 2(1).


Global Food Equity Coordinator and Lecturer, New College University of

Project Manager, Food Systems Lab

Co-Founder, International Food Loss and Food Waste Studies Group