Research Projects

The local community is Culinaria’s audience and its laboratory. Surrounding streets, shops, and strip malls offer unique opportunities to develop new understandings of food and its significance for diasporic identities, immigrant entrepreneurship, and cultural contact. Culinaria combines different methodologies – field work, archival work, oral history, GIS mapping, digital humanities – to trace the foodways of Toronto's vibrant multi-ethnic neighbourhoods.

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Feeding the City

Documenting Food System Experiences, Community Challenges & Local Resilience During COVID-19 and Beyond

The Project: Feeding the City

Tasting the Global City

From historic St. Lawrence Market to Scarborough’s newest immigrant restaurants, Toronto is world renowned for its diverse and excellent foods. But it hasn’t always gained such accolades.

Connaught Seminar

The Culinaria Research Centre is proud to host the 2016 Connaught Cross-Divisional/Cross-Cultural Seminar, City Food: Lessons From People on the Move. UTSC will host speakers, workshops, and public events every two weeks throughout the year.

City Food

What is the place of food in urban spaces, especially in diverse cities, like Toronto?

Food and Labour

Professor Michael Ekers' collaborative project investigates the role of non-waged (e.g. intern, apprentice and volunteer) labour on small-scale farms in Ontario.