Culinaria is a hub of research, projects, and collaborations within the UTSC community. We are pleased to have had opportunities to collaborate with some of the many active and innovative groups and departments on campus. We have hosted and co-hosted several events with student-run and administrative groups and are always looking for new ways to connect and collaborate with our colleagues and neighbours here at the UTSC.

Edible Campus & Campus Farm

We are thrilled to work in collaboration with the Edible Campus, and have cooperated on several projects over the years.

Food & Beverage Services

We are delighted to host Chef Phil Smith, Manager of UTSC Beverage Services & Chef Blu of The Rex's Den in the UTSC Student Centre in their production of "The Campus Cook Show," which features recipes and


UTSC Media: Marketing & Communications

Shortly after the province of Ontario declared a state of emergency in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Marketing & Communications partnered with Culinaria to produce shoft films to circulate within the UTSC community.