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More-than-Active Food Citizens: A Longitudinal and Comparative Study of Alternative and Conventional Eaters

Farmers market in Colorado

Dr. Michael Carolan of the Department of Sociology, Colorado State University will be presenting a graduate workshop exploring how, with the help of descriptive statistics, eaters engaged within various alternative foodscapes compare to more conventional eaters when asked questions about things like their interest in local politics, whether they volunteer, and their reasons for buying local foods. Through his study, researchers sought to map, with the help of descriptive statistics, changes in how individuals respond to questions after being “exposed” to certain alternative foodscape experiences; they aimed to to understand, with the help of practice theory and qualitative data, why individuals might think and behave differently after being exposed to these alternative doings and sayings, findings that lead to a discussion about how aspects of these alternative foodscapes engender the making of more-than active citizens. A research team studied individuals in Colorado who had recently begun participating in one of the following practices: Drop-off community-supported agriculture (CSA), CSA volunteer membership, farmers’ markets, and member-owned food cooperatives. Researchers surveyed participants and resurveyed them two years later, at which time sampled eaters were also engaged in an extensive qualitative interview, with a total of 119 personal interviews conducted. In addition, the team conducted a phone survey of randomly selected residents in Colorado to represent conventional eaters. Food will be served at this event, and registration is required.

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Dr. Michael Carolan, Department of Sociology, Colorado State University
Friday, October 13, 2017 - 12:00 to 14:00
Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St George Street, Toronto: Room 1081