Jennifer Sumner

Jennifer Sumner

Adult Education and Community Development Program at OISE/University of Toronto


Jennifer Sumner is a Lecturer in the Adult Education and Community Development Program at OISE/University of Toronto, where she teaches a course called The Pedagogy of Food.  Her food-related research interests include sustainable food systems, food literacy, critical food pedagogy, food co-ops and organic agriculture.  She is the co-editor of Critical Perspectives in Food Studies (Oxford University Press 2012 and forthcoming) and Leisure and Food (Routledge 2015), and editor of Learning, Food and Sustainability: Sites for Resistance and Change (Palgrave Macmillan forthcoming), as well as numerous book chapters and journal articles on food-related issues.


Food-Related Publications


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Book Chapters

Sumner, Jennifer and Cassie Wever.  2015 (forthcoming).  “Pedagogical Encounters: Critical Food Pedagogy and Transformative Learning in the School and Community.”  In Colin Anderson, Jennifer Brady and Charles Levkoe (eds.), Conversations in Food Studies: Transgressing Boundaries Through Critical Inquiry.  Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press.

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Journal Articles

Sumner, Jennifer.  2015 (forthcoming).  “Waging the Struggle for Healthy Eating: Food Environments, Dietary Regimes and Brazil’s Dietary Guidelines.” Local Environment.

Sumner, Jennifer.  2015 (forthcoming).  “Food Literacy and the Potential for Food System Transformation.”  Studies in the Education of Adults.

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