Gender and Technology in Family Food Culture

Gender and Technology in Family Food Culture

The Technologized Kitchen for the Transformative and Empowered Body 

Food is a source of power. The consumption and production of food are actions that can reinforce, resist, and re-contextualize identities. These actions influence the construction of self in regards to gender, nationality, ethnicity, and status. The changing food behaviours of diasporic communities are prime examples of the social implications of food. As such, this project focalizes on the intergenerational, culinary experiences of Asian migrants and Asian-Canadians. 

This project was made possible thanks to our partners at the Malvern Action for Neighbourhood Change

Author: Karen Kua

Project Pages:

Location of Establishments from Si-Chhuan's Menu Archive

Yan Wa Chan, Si-Chhuan Kua and Karen Kua

Sham Sadana

GASD71 - Presentation Slides

GASD71 - Final Research Paper

Course: GASD71: Cuisine and Culture in South Asia, Winter 2015