Food & Migration

Food & Migration

Comparative Oral Interviews of Two Tamil Speaking Immigrant Women 

As fast as life chooses to flash before our eyes taking a moment to look at the past always seems to bring back happy memories of time spent with family and friends, either sharing a meal or cooking a meal together. Within a few moments of speaking with Kamala Kirushna it was clear that food has played an important role in different aspects of her life, whether it was religion or family. Speaking about her life and moments she had had in the kitchen brought a smile to her face and resurfaced old memories that have been suppressed over time and through several lifestyle changes. As I spoke to my mother, Rajeswary Premakumar, I could hear the excitement in her voice as she recollected memories of her childhood and her first home, Sri Lanka. Migration is more than just movement of our physical bodies, with migration comes movement and change of identity, traditionality, modernity, beliefs, food ways, and several other key aspects of our lives.

This project was made possible thanks to our partners at the Malvern Action for Neighbourhood Change

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Food & Migration

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Author: Pranave Prem

Course: GASD71 Cuisine and Culture in South Asia, Winter 2015