Food & Beverage Services

Food & Beverage Services

We have been delighted to host Chef Phil Smith, Manager of UTSC Beverage Services & Chef Blu of The Rex's Den in the UTSC Student Centre in their production of "The Campus Cook Show," which features recipes and instructional videos for students ordering custom-made meal kits through In these videos, shot in the Culinaria Kitchen Lab, Chefs Phil & Blu teach students techniques for preparing foods generally, as well as specific recipes. This project reflects not only the growing relationship between the campus and external food establishments but also makes good food more accessible in the context of pandemic-related immobilities and other limits on access.


Click the following links to watch the videos:

Chef Blu teaches his "Jerk Chicken & Macaroni" from The Rex's Den Menu:

Chef Phil teaches his "Spinach and Chickpea Quinoa Salad" recipe:

Chef Phil teaches his "Fritatta Lyon" recipe: