​Josée Johnston

​Josée Johnston

Associate Professor


Josée Johnston’s major substantive interest is the sociological study of food, which is a lens for investigating questions relating to consumer culture, politics, gender and the environment. She is the co-author of Foodies (2nd edition, 2015) with Shyon Baumann, and has a forthcoming book co-authored with Kate Cairns entitled, Food and Femininity (Bloomsbury, 2015). She has published articles in venues including American Journal of Sociology, Journal of Consumer Culture, Signs, Theory and Society, and Gender and Society.


Relevant Recent Articles

Cairns, Kate and Josée Johnston. 2015. “Choosing Health: Embodied Neoliberalism, Postfeminism, and the ‘do-Diet.’” Theory and Society 44:153–75.

Johnston, Josée and Michael Goodman. 2015. “Spectacular Foodscapes: Food celebrities and the politics of lifestyle mediation in an age of inequality,” Food, Culture and Society. Vol. 18 (2): 205-222

Johnston, Josée, Alexandra Rodney, and Phillipa Chong. 2014. “Making Change in the Kitchen? A Study of Celebrity Cookbooks, Culinary Personas, and Inequality.” Poetics 47:1–22.

 Relevant Recent Books

Cairns, Kate and Josée Johnston. 2015. Food and Femininity. London: Bloomsbury (Bloomsbury).

Beagan, Brenda, Gwen Chapman, Josée Johnston, Brenda McPhail, Elaine Power, and Helen Valliantos. 2015. Acquired Tastes: Why families eat the way they do. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia Press.

Johnston, Josée, and Shyon Baumann. 2015 [2010]. Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape. New York: Routledge. Cultural Spaces Series. 2nd edition.