Teaching and Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity at UTSC:  How CTL Supports Instructors 
CTL believes that for students to gain deep knowledge of academic integrity and related skills, they need to be exposed to this material throughout courses and entire academic programs, by means of examples, discussion, and activities. Therefore, CTL supports academic integrity across the curriculum at UTSC.

Assignment and course design support
*For tips, see: Supporting Academic Integrity in your courses
Consult with CTL on assignment and course design to promote academic integrity
General introduction to academic integrity
e.g. Students gain a basic understanding of academic integrity and related concepts
Encourage your students to attend an in-person workshop on academic integrity (co-presented by CTL and other academic support units) or embed CTL’s online academic integrity module into your course.
Academic Integrity Matters (AIM) workshop

Online Academic Integrity Module

Writing skills support
e.g. Instruction on proper use of sources and citation in their academic writing.
Consider embedded workshops on using sources in academic writing, including proper citation for your courses.
Writing Support for your Course
Encourage your students to take advantage of individual writing tutoring, including guidance on using sources and proper citation. 
One to One Tutoring for Students
Drop-in Sessions
Turnitin E-mail Educational Technology for Turnitin support: 

Support for departments:  We encourage departments to consult with CTL for curriculum mapping support including advice on integrating foundational skills, such as writing skills, into their programs.
Please note: While CTL does support teaching for academic integrity, we do not advise instructors on how to deal with offences. For advice on dealing with academic offences including determining if an offence has been committed, please see Faculty & Staff Academic Integrity FAQ and/or contact Nisha Panchal, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Officer, e-mail: integrityadmin@utsc.utoronto.ca, tel: (416) 287-7566.