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Former CTLB03 “Intro. To Service Learning” Students - WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

Student: Chris Chen
Original CTLB03 Placement: Chemistry Aid, (Dept. of Physical & Environmental Sciences, UTSC)
Current Roles/Activities: 
“Taking this course has opened many doors for me and I was able to use some of these skills to complete my 4th year thesis project with a professor and go to a national conference to present my results. As of this coming September, I will be starting my Masters of Science with a focus in physiology. Looking back at my placement, I owe many thanks to [Intro. to Service Learning]. Quite often, students in undergraduate sciences courses do not have a chance to reflect critically what they have learned, but during my placement I was able to make mistakes and learn from them.” - Chris Chen

Student: Kimberly Lopez
Original CTLB03 Placement: “Sciencool” Program Coordinator, Bloorview Kids Rehab.
Current Roles/Activities: 
“The [Intro. to Service Learning course] enabled me to work as part of an interdisciplinary team within the pediatric rehab sector. I was able to learn about the practice of Recreation Therapy under a recreation therapist through my outreach placement. With my supervisor's support I was able to implement a program that allowed me to exercise the knowledge I had gained in the classroom. After graduating from UTSC, I enrolled in a post-graduate program at Georgian College for Recreation Therapy which led me to my current position at a U of T affiliated hospital. I enjoy my job and the direction my career has taken, thanks to [Intro. to Service Learning].” - Kim Lopez

Student: Lisa Wu
Original CTLB03 Placement: Chemistry Aid, (Dept. of Physical & Environmental Sciences, UTSC)
Current Roles/Activities: 
"I am currently participating in more researching opportunities in the Chemistry Dept. as of now and I think my [Service Learning and Outreach] experience has influenced me a great deal on my decision to explore further opportunities in Chemistry. Learning science is not easy, so learning to be proactive in my studies and gaining as much experience as I can as a student here at UTSC can help me not only achieve greater goals in my studies in science but also understand it better and appreciate the faculty members in the science community at UTSC. I sincerely hope that other students take advantage of this great opportunity as well!" - Lisa Wu

Student: Andrew Leung
Original CTLB03 Placement: Water researcher, Sustainability Office, UTSC
Current Roles/Activities:
“The experience I gained from [Intro. to Service Learning] is tremendous. It helped me land my co-op job with Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment, working in the Sport Fish Contaminant Program (SFCMP). I shared my experience about what I did in [Intro. to Service Learning] with my SFCMP coworkers. One of them was a PhD and he seemed interested in my project. Now I am working on a paper with him on the contaminants in fish and how to lower the risks for the public who might have consumed fish with contaminants that exceeded the guidelines.” - Andrew Leung

Student: Mahisha Balani
Original CTLB03 Placement: Lab skills facilitator, Dept. of Physical and Environmental Sciences, UTSC
Current Roles/Activities:
"Right now I'm a TA for organic chemistry thanks to [Intro. to Service Learning]. If not for the placement in the Labs skills seminar, I would be still looking for a job, and probably just a regular job. It’s quiet a hurdle to become a TA. I would surely recommend the course to every student who is open for a new experience and a deeper knowledge in their field. They'll surely be glad that they chose [Intro. to Service Learning].” - Mahisha Balani

Student: Poojitha Bonthu
Original CTLB03 Placement: Curriculum Developer, Visions of Science
Current Roles/Activities:
"After [Intro. to Service Learning], I continued to volunteer with the organization. Currently, I have taken up more volunteer positions in different organizations as well to diversify my experiences." - Poojitha Bonthu

Student: David Riachi
Original CTLB03 Placement: Teacher’s Aid (high school physics), Toronto District School Board
Current Roles/Activities:
"I accepted my offer of admission to the University of Ottawa in Sept. and thus will be working toward obtaining my BEd by May, 1” - David Riachi

Student: Rehan Farooqi
Original CTLB03 Placement: Lab Skill’s review - CHMB41H3, Organic Chemistry
Current Roles/Activities:
"Presently, I am in my 4th and last year specializing in Integrative Biology. [Service Learning and Outreach] has had a huge impact. I have strengthened my basic skills of communication and presentation, & also my academic knowledge of Organic Chemistry." - Rehan Farooqi

Student: Kathryn Anawati
Original CTLB03 Placement: Curriculum Enhancement, NROC61 (Neuroscience II: Learning and Motivation)
Current Roles/Activities:
"In September, I will be heading to the University of Western Ontario to start my Masters in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. My participation in the [Intro. to Service Learning course] had a huge influence on what I am doing now.]"  - Kathryn Anawati


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