Our Centres & Programming

The Writing Centre

The Writing Centre supports student learning at any stage in the writing process, from planning an outline to polishing a final draft.

English Language Development Centre

Helping students participate more actively and achieve greater success at university through better critical thinking and English language communication skills.

Math & Stats Learning Centre

Free seminars, workshops, virtual tutoring, individual appointments, and small-group consultations to improve students’ proficiency in various subjects of mathematics and statistics.

Service Learning & Outreach

Exercise knowledge and concepts gained in the academic classroom in the more meaningful, relevant context of their communities.

Presentation Skills

Being a good presenter is a very valuable skill to have, and it’s one that can be developed with practice.

WebOption Lecturecasting

Allow your students to engage in flexible learning, anytime, anywhere. Participating courses are video recorded and made available for your students to view online as internet video.

Educational Technology

Providing support, consulting, and assistance related to course design with instructional technologies.

TA & Grad Support

Helping teaching assistants and grad students develop their teaching skills and professionalism.

Facilitated Study Groups

Facilitated Study Groups (FSGs) are weekly study sessions for students taking selected UTSC courses, and who want to improve their understanding of course material and challenging concepts.