Other Teaching Awards

UofT President's Teaching Award

The University of Toronto Teaching Academy, founded in 2006, consists of members who have received the President’s Teaching Award, the highest honour for teaching at the University of Toronto

U of T Alumni – Faculty Teaching Award

The Faculty Award is presented to a member of the University of Toronto teaching staff who consistently demonstrates excellence in both teaching and research endeavours.

University of Toronto Early Career Teaching Award

The Early Career Teaching Award recognizes faculty members who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to student learning, pedagogical engagement and teaching innovation

Teaching Fellowships

Funds for teaching release. Designed to help faculty develop and cultivate leadership and mentoring skills, and to encourage capacity-building to support teaching effectiveness, innovation and research

2018 Northrop Frye Award winner, Aisha Ahmad

Northrop Frye Awards

Recognizes distinguished achievements in connecting teaching and research at U of T in two categories – (i) faculty and (ii)departmental/divisional

Rewarding Teaching

More info on how UofT rewards good teaching

3M National Teaching Fellowship

The community of 3M National Teaching Fellows embodies the highest ideals of teaching excellence and scholarship with a commitment to encourage and support the educational experience of every learner

Alan Blizzard Award

An award to encourage, identify, and publicly recognize those whose exemplary collaboration in university teaching enhances student learning

D2L Innovation Award

This Award celebrates and recognizes innovative approaches that promote learning in new ways at post-secondary institutions

3M National Student Fellowship

The 3M National Student Fellowship honours up to ten full-time undergraduate college and undergraduate university students at Canadian institutions who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their lives and at their college or university

Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards

OCUFA recognizes outstanding teachers and academic librarians in Ontario universities through its Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards