Instructor Programming Past and Future

CTL Director's Workshops and Consultations

The CTL Director offers workshops throughout the year on: a) Teaching Portfolios, b) Teaching Awards and Grants, and c) An Introduction to Teaching at UTSC. The Director is also available for consultations on awards, grants, teaching portfolios, classroom management issues and/or observations, syllabus, assignment or course design.

Director's Workshops

Director's Workshops 2017/18


New Faculty Orientation

Join us for an introduction to teaching and research at UTSC.
New Faculty Orientation Agenda 2018
New Faculty Orientation Agenda 2017
New Faculty Orientation (GIWIH) Agenda 2016


Educator Exchange

Instructors exchange ideas with their peers in this informative workshop series.
Educator Exchange Events 2017/18
Educator Exchange Events 2016/17
Educator Exchange Events 2015/16


Faculty Showcase

Celebrate teaching excellence with us during this day of guest speakers, workshops and round table discussions.
Faculty Showcase 2018
Faculty Showcase 2017
Faculty Showcase 2016