How To Apply

Fall 2019/Winter 2020 placements are NOW POSTED!

We will continue to add more placements as they become available.


Students who wish to create their own placements for Fall 2019 or Winter 2020 are encouraged to start contacting potential supervisors as early as possible.


Here are the steps to enroll in CTLB03 AND apply for a placement:

1. Make sure you have the Prerequisites:
a. Completion of 4 FCEs
b. Selection of a UTSC major or specialist subject POSt. GPA and communication skills will be considered.
2. Request CTLB03H - Introduction to Service Learning on ACORN.

NOTE: DISREGARD the ACORN WAITLIST. We will automatically enrol students who's placement applications are accepted, despite them not being on the ACORN waitlist.

(CTLB03 is listed in the Calendar under "Teaching and Learning, Centre for". CTLB03 lecture attendance is essential; check lecture times in the course timetable to ensure your availability). Acceptance into the course requires permission from the SLO Coordinator AND approval from the placement supervisor of the placement you apply to. You must enroll into CTLB03 AND apply for a placement following Steps 3 and 4 below. Note that you may apply for a placement before course selection begins, then enrol in CTLB03 during the course selection period.
3. Check the SLO website for placements that interest you. Students can only apply to one placement at a time. Placements are added as they become available. Alternatively, you can also Create Your Own Placement. Click here for more information.
4. Select the placement that interests you and if you want to apply click 'APPLY NOW' at the bottom of the description and complete the application form. (You will be asked for your UTORid and password). Note: you must include a copy of your unofficial transcript from ACORN in one of the acceptable file formats (PDF, Word or text). You will be notified by email once your application has been submitted. Please note that some outreach placements require a Police or Vulnerable Sector Check, which can take several weeks to process, so you must plan ahead when applying for a placement that requires one of these.
5. Wait for acceptance/denial of your application. Notification will be sent by email. Once accepted, we will change your ACORN status from “Invited” (INT) to “Approved” (APP). ONLY if you are accepted will you be officially enrolled in the course and responsible for tuition fees. If your application is not accepted, you may apply for another placement or cancel (“drop”) your course request on ACORN.
6. The SLO program coordinator will send you the Memorandum of Understanding to be completed by you and your placement supervisor together. You must contact him/her and come to an agreement about the details of your placement, such as a specific outline of student duties, time scheduling, project objectives, learning objectives, expected end-products and any required training. We will also provide you with an insurance waiver that the placement supervisor must complete.
For more information please contact:
Kamini Persaud, Program Coordinator, Service Learning and Outreach
Amelia Seto-Hung, Course and Program Assistant, CTL