FSG Frequently Asked Questions

Facilitated Study Groups (FSGs) are weekly study sessions for students taking selected UTSC courses who want to improve their understanding of course material and challenging concepts. Attendance is voluntary.


What happens during FSG sessions

In these sessions, you will discuss important concepts, develop study strategies, and practice testing yourselves on course material. You will complete various activities that will help you master the course material, collaborate with classmates to ensure that you have understood the readings, captured key information in your notes, and gain an opportunity to prepare for mid-terms and exams. In addition, in FSGs you will learn more effective ways of studying by learning note taking skills, and through collaborative interaction with your peers.  

Will participating in these sessions actually improve my grade in the course?

Research shows that students who attend FSGs regularly can achieve better grades, but FSGs offer many benefits to students beyond grades. Students acquire new study skills, learn how to organize class materials, learn to collaborate with classmates, and become more independent learners. FSGs help you integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn. 

What qualifications does an FSG Facilitator have?

FSGs are led by an undergraduate student who has previously taken the course and has done well in it.  These facilitators are usually recommended to the Centre for Teaching and Learning by the course instructors and are trained throughout the semester in active learning and study strategies, as well as diverse learning styles. And even though facilitators have already taken the course, they attend the course lectures again, take notes, review assigned material, and look for the hardest or most important concepts on which to build FSG sessions and activities. 

Where are FSG sessions held?

Most FSGs are in the FSG room in Highland Hall, or in AC221 or AC219 in the Academic Resources Building. Sometimes FSGs are held in other locations, due to space/time constraints. Details of participating classes, days, times and locations will be updated regularly on the course's Quercus, and on our Facebook page, "UTSC Facilitated Study Groups".  

Who can attend FSG sessions?

ALL students enrolled in participating UTSC courses who are interested in improving their understanding of course material and their grade are welcome to attend. FSG facilitators are trained to accommodate students’ diverse learning styles, and will provide resource direction for students with accessibility concerns, and international students.

How often are sessions held?

FSGs are typically offered 2-3 times a week, depending on the course and class size. Students may attend as many sessions as they want. 

How should students prepare for an FSG session?

Students are encouraged to bring their course text and class notes to FSG sessions.