CTL Newsletter #4

Hello! From all of us at CTL, thank you for your contributions and collaborations over the past year. Best wishes for a joyful and restful break and for a wonderful 2020!
Here's what's new and upcoming in CTL -
• Teaching at UTSC: Policies and Best Practices (https://ctl.utsc.utoronto.ca/ctl-event-registration/register.php?sessionID=819&type=faculty) . Wednesday, January 8, 11 am - 12 noon.
• Inclusive Teaching: Practices That Benefit All Students (https://ctl.utsc.utoronto.ca/ctl-event-registration/register.php?sessionID=812&type=faculty) . Tuesday, January 14, 12 - 2 pm.
• CTL Experiential Learning Series (#2) - Reflection in Experiential Learning: Design, Assessment and Inspiration (https://ctl.utsc.utoronto.ca/ctl-event-registration/register.php?sessionID=832&type=faculty) , Thursday, January 23,  12 - 2 pm
• Social Science Teaching Chats starting Tuesday, January 21. Details below.
a. New integrated student support space for CTL
CTL is excited to announce that during Winter 2020, work will begin on a new centralized student support space and long-needed reception area for CTL. Anticipated opening date is Spring 2020.
This space (down the hall from the Bookstore and Ralph Campbell Lounge) will allow us to present an integrated CTL to the campus. The yet un-named space will have tutoring and small group areas, and be used interchangeably for writing, math and stats, and English language development support for both undergraduate and graduate students.
This project is part of a larger CTL renovation plan that will more closely consolidate CTL faculty and staff who are currently spread across multiple buildings. We’ll provide updates as details become available!
b. Manager, Educational Innovation and Academic Initiatives. CTL is pleased to announce that Adon Irani has been selected as CTL's new Manager, Educational Innovation and Academic Initiatives. Reporting to the Director, the Manager provides senior leadership and expertise to the team that supports faculty, staff and students in teaching, learning, and educational technology and innovation. Among Adon's duties will be setting standards and procedures to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services to the UTSC community, to enhance the teaching experience of faculty and the learning experience of students at UTSC. More information about these changes coming soon. Contact: Adon Irani (mailto:adon.irani@utoronto.ca) .
c. New CTL Resource - A condensed guide to outcomes-based curriculum-mapping at UTSC
This draft document was created to support UTSC departments and faculty through the preliminary processes of curriculum mapping, in response to institutional and governmental mandates. Developed by Dr. David Chan, Educational Developer, CTL, the document outlines the basics of curriculum-mapping including why engage in it and steps that guide the process. The document is rounded out with sample documents and checklists, and will be expanded into a more comprehensive version in the new year. Chairs and Directors have received the draft and will be working with their faculty; CTL will provide support to departments as they embark on the process. Contacts: David Chan (mailto:davidyt.chan@utoronto.ca) , Tasmeen Fidai (mailto:t.fidai@utoronto.ca) .
d. Social Science Teaching Chats - Winter 2020
These informal chats are open to any social sciences faculty member or sessional interested in discussing teaching-related topics in a group of supportive peers. Facilitated by Kathy Liddle, Assistant Professor Teaching Stream, Dept. of Sociology. Light refreshments provided by the Centre for Teaching and Learning. See dates below. Check the Intranet to register.
Chat about the joys and challenges of introducing our students to the wonders of the social sciences. Bring questions about what you’re struggling with in class — and we’ll help brainstorm solutions. Share ideas about new pedagogical approaches that you’re trying. Ask for feedback on a new syllabus or class assignment. This is an opportunity for us to share our knowledge and experience with each other, while continuing to build teaching community.
- Tuesday, January 21, 1-2 pm, HL459
- Tuesday, February 18, 1-2 pm, HL459
- Tuesday, March 17, 1-2 pm, HL459
- Tuesday, April 22, 1-2 pm, HL459
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