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You're invited to attend the teaching professional development workshops offered by Professor Clare Hasenkampf, Associate Dean and Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning, and 3M National Teaching Fellow. These include: Teaching Portfolio Workshops and Teaching Award and Grant workshops (held during Reading Weeks) and ‘Introduction to Teaching at UTSC’ workshops held 2 - 4 weeks before the start of each term. Consultations on awards, grants, teaching portfolios, classroom management issues and/or observations, syllabus, assignment or course design are also available (request via hasenkampf@utsc.utoronto.ca).
Details and Dates for the workshops are given below.

Teaching Portfolio Workshop

A key to efficiently becoming an expert teacher is to have a reflective teaching practice. A Teaching Portfolio can assist in developing a reflective teaching practice and is a significant component of tenure, promotion and teaching award files. This workshop will consider the purpose of a portfolio and the process of creating one. The workshop is open to faculty at all levels of career, but is focused toward the creation of Teaching Portfolios used as part of a Teaching Dossier for tenure and/or promotion decisions. The earlier you start, the easier it is.
This event has two parts:
a) 2:00 – 2:30 pm - The first 30 minutes of this session will be for faculty who have already attended a workshop or read materials on creating a portfolio and who have specific questions.
b) 2:40 – 4:00 pm - Interactive presentation on the principles of creating a teaching portfolio.
· You will have an opportunity to ask questions about your current challenges in creating a teaching portfolio.
· You will understand the difference between the teaching philosophy, teaching narrative section, appendices and archive of teaching evidence, and how this fits into the larger document, the Teaching Dossier.
· You will understand how the above are assembled into a compelling portrait of your teaching.
· You will feel empowered to start/continue to assemble your teaching portfolio.
This session is next offered on February 22nd (2 – 4:30 pm).
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Preparing Teaching Award Nominations and Teaching Grants

At UTSC we strive to foster a culture of excellent teaching.  Nurturing excellent teaching includes opportunities to innovate and recognizing those that have done a great job.  This session will look at teaching grant opportunities at UTSC, U of T and with the Ontario government, and will look at developing successful award applications. The first hour will be spent on teaching grants; the second hour will be for teaching award nominations.
This session is next offered on February 21st (2 – 4 pm).
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Introduction to Teaching at UTSC and Engaging Students for Deep Learning

This session will look at the fundamentals of creating and teaching a well-run course. It will also consider key teaching policies at UTSC and the range of help available to instructors at UTSC. While this session is geared for new instructors, all instructors are welcome. 2 - 4 pm will be a workshop; the third hour will be reserved for individual help and additional Q&A.
This session is next offered on December 12th (2 – 5 pm) and April 17th (2 – 5 pm).
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