CTL Ambassadors

Picture of CTL Ambassadors

CTL Ambassadors are faculty members who act collaboratively to support the work of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, advocate for scholarly and innovative approaches to teaching and learning, and create a community of practice among instructors at UTSC. They do this by acting as liaisons between the Centre for Teaching and Learning and instructors in all academic units, by promoting and contributing to the development of CTL programming, and by communicating the teaching-related professional development needs of instructors to CTL.
The CTL Ambassadors are:
Ahmed Allahwala, Aarthi Ashok, Iris Au, Shelly Brunt, Ray Grinnell, Sherri Helwig, Wanda Restivo, Sisi Tran, Corinne Beauquis, and Connie Guberman

Co-chairs: Iris Au and Ahmed Allahwala