Consult with CTL

CTL offers one-to-one consultations for all course instructors (faculty and CUPE instructors). 



Karen McCrindle Portfolio construction, program creation and review, analysis of course evaluations, teaching award nominations, teaching grants, and the Scholarship of Teaching and learning
Sarah King Creating effective writing assignments and scaffolding.
Nancy Johnston Creating effective writing assignments and scaffolding.
Zohreh Shahbazi Collaborative learning and mathematics.
Kamini Persaud Service Learning, E-Portfolios, Reflective Writing.
Elaine Khoo Supporting English language learners in accelerated academic integration, Inclusive assignment and test design, Academic English Health Check.
Heather-Lynne Meacock Academic English communication development, learner engagement.
David Chan Syllabus and course design, classroom management issues, course troubleshooting, degree learning expectations and curriculum mapping
Janice Patterson Teaching grants, Instructional Skills Workshops, course evaluation data (for promotions and award nominations)