Associate and Full Professors Teaching Award Recipients

This award recognizes excellence in teaching. For information about selection criteria, nominations, the nomination package, and who to contact with questions, please see the Faculty Teaching Awards page on the UTSC Human Resources website.

Year Faculty Recipient
2017-2018 Johann Bayer
2016-2017 Anya Tafliovich
2015-2016 Dr. Christopher Cochrane (POLSC)
Dr. Francisco J. Estrada (CMS)
2014-2015 Wanda Restivo (DPES) and Sisi Tran (Psychology)
2013-2014 Aarthi Ashok (Biological Sciences)
Svetlana Mikhaylichenko (DPES)
2012-2013 Effiette Sauer (DPES)
George Quan Fun (Management)
Special Commendation for Educational Innovation:
Steve Joordens (Psychology)
2011-2012 Janelle LeBoutillier(Neuroscience)
2010-2011 Phil Triadafilopoulos (Social Sciences)
2009-2010 Marc Fournier
2008-2009 Konstantine Zakzanis
2007-2008 Janet Potter
2005-2006 Teresa Dawson
Michal Schonberg
2004-2005 Robert Campbell
Alan Stanbridge
2003-2004 Ann Verner
Russell Brown
2002-2003 Clare Hasenkampf
2001-2002 Michael Bunce
Garry Leonard
2000-2001 Andrew Stawinoga
1999-2000 Anthony G. Price
1998-1999 Rick Powers
1997-1998 William Gough
Allan Hepburn
1996-1997 No Nomination
1995-1996 Ron Smyth
1994-1995 Michael (Mike) Krashinsky
1993-1994 John Kennedy
1992-1993 Gorden Nagel
1991-1992 Terry Litovitz
1990-1991 Karen Henderson
1989-1990 Julie Silver
1988-1989 Lawrence (Larry) Sawchuck
1987-1988 C.K. Govind
1986-1987 Melba Cuddy-Keane
1985-1986 Ronald Blair
1984-1985 John M.R. Margeson
1983-1984 William J. Milne
1982-1983 Ann Boddington
1981-1982 Herbert C. Corben
1980-1981 Modris Eksteins
1979-1980 Robert L. James
1978-1979 S. John Colman