Academic Integrity Module

Online Academic Integrity Module: An Introduction for instructors
UTSC has an online academic integrity module which instructors can choose to integrate into their courses to introduce academic integrity and related skills. 
Please note:  This module is meant to be an introduction. For students to gain deep knowledge of academic integrity and related skills, we strongly recommend that this material be reinforced and developed through examples, discussion, and activities throughout courses, and entire academic programs. 
If you would like to discuss foundational skills support for your students and/or course design & assignment design for academic integrity, please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning: Consult with CTL .
What content does the module cover? How long does it take? What content will be graded?
The Academic Integrity module introduces academic integrity and related skills and takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. Please see a list of content below. Each module including a graded quiz has an asterisk beside it.
Module 1 Introduction to the course (Note: This module includes a practice pre-test.)
Module 2 Academic Integrity and General Info
Module 3 Academic Misconduct *
Module 4 Campus Resources*
Module 5 Citations and Plagiarism *
Module 6 Introduction to the Writing Process & Working with Sources
Module 7 Introduction to Writing Exams at UTSC
Module 8 Integrity While Working in Teams
Module 9 Summary *
Can I take a look at the module before I decide if I’d like to use it for my course?
Yes! Please e-mail and let us know that you’d like to take a look at the module. We’ll set you up as an Observer in the module so that you can review it.   
Ok, I’m interested in using the module for my course. How do I arrange that?
Please e-mail with your course code and the date by which you’d like students to have completed the quizzes in the module. Please email by the first day of term at the latest to use the module. A link will appear in your Quercus course from which your students can access the Academic Integrity module.  
I would only like to use part of the module in my course. Is that possible?
A link to the entire module will be embedded in your course, but you may instruct your students to only complete certain sections. 
How do I get my students’ marks for the module quizzes at the end of the term?
At the end of the term, you’ll receive an email with a spreadsheet of your students’ marks for 6 quizzes:

  • Module 3: Consequences of Academic Misconduct
  • Module 4: Campus Resources quiz
  • Module 5: Identifying Types of Plagiarism 
  • Module 5: Citation quiz
  • Module 5: Reference List quiz
  • Module 9: Final quiz

Any quiz grades in sections you have not assigned will appear as blanks in the spreadsheet. If you have any questions about how to weight the quizzes or to integrate the spreadsheet into your course gradebook, please email