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Centre for Research in Earth System Science (CRESS)

The Centre for Research in Earth System Science showcases cutting edge research activity investigating the natural evolution of the Earth and solar system. The fields of interest featured in the Centre’s activity include Cryospheric Dynamics, Sedimentology, Petrology, Structural Geology, Geodynamics, Geochemistry, Atmospheric Physics and Planetary Physics. A specific aim of the Centre is to promote an understanding of Earth and Atmospheric Science and to provide clarity in distinguishing between human influence and natural cycles on the evolution of our planet. In addition, the Centre focusses on natural processes that are vital for the habitability of the Earth, with an emphasis on insight into the physical and chemical requirements that stabilize the climate, diurnal cycle, atmosphere and oceans on time scales ranging from millennia to hundreds of millions of years. In so doing, the Centre aims to raise awareness of these fascinating areas of study, and provide more opportunity for students to discover and actively engage with them.

Annual activity promoted and funded by the Centre includes the sponsoring of summer undergraduate research assistants and the hosting of a regular colloquia series. Funding to assist with travel costs for graduate students presenting research at national and international scientific conferences is also available.